We saw your style, but how does your work develop during the wedding day?

We have a reportagistic style, so we will try to capture in the most spontaneous way possible the moments and situations that happen during your wedding: we will follow you during the getting ready, both of the bride and the groom, then during the ceremony, the reception and finally the cake cutting and dancing.

We saw your videos on the website, on your VIMEO page or on Instagram etc. .. how long before the wedding day we need to contact you to book a video service?

The requests usually arrive from 6 to 8 months in advance of the wedding date, so if you want us to shoot your wedding video, do not wait to contact us and request a meeting or a skype call (obviously without obligation) to talk and understand the best the way to work together. Anyway, even if there is a short notice, do not hesitate to contact us, we can have a day available and be able to make the video.

How much does a video made by you cost?

It is very difficult to give a precise answer to this question because of the different factors that may influence the cost such as service hours, request for the number of operators, transfers, etc. Please fell free to contact us, we will make you a customized price to satisfy all your needs!

How many hours will your service last on our wedding day?

The time of service may vary according to your requests, but usually it is between 10-12 hours (full day). However we have can also have shorter video services according to your needs.

We read that your works are shot by two videographers (video operators) but our wedding is an intimate one, with few guests, is it possible to have only one operator?

Usually the videos produced by Screenshot Production are shot by two operators, so to have the different visions of the getting ready and capture every moment in the most spontaneous way possible. It is possible to request a single operator that, considering the logistic possibilities of your wedding, can make the video during the day.

How much does it take to have our wedding video and how will it be delivered?

Delivery times vary depending on the month of realization of the service (for example from June to September it is possible that delivery times are longer, considering that these are the busiest months of the year). Usually we try to deliver the final full video in 5/6 months. The video will be sent online (Dropbox or Wetransfer link)

How long is the integral video? Is it possible to have a trailer to show to our friends as a preview?

The integral video that we will deliver is 15-18 minutes long. According to our style and our experience this lenght turns out to be the perfect one to tell your wedding day at the best. In addition, a small trailer will be produced, which we will deliver (posted on line) some months before the complete video.

Will the video trailer be published on your site?

The video trailer is made according our vision by choosing the most beautiful scenes of your wedding. It might be used at our discretion as advertisement on our website or other social medias.

Is it possible to choose the video soundtrack in the final editing?

Of course! Your advice is very helpful to us. Generally we need 4-5 songs to use according the moments and scenes selected. Obviously if the shooting / music combination is not suitable, we reserve the right to change the choice.

Is it possible to have all the original video files shot during the day of our wedding?

In the contract you can choose to have all the original .MOV clips filmed on your wedding day. In this case, given the large amount of data, you have to provide an hard disk that may can contain it.

Is it possible to have the original audio of the ceremony or other moments?

Our cameras record also audio, but video operators take care of the shooting and the audio recorded directly by us is often subject to external and environmental disturbances. If you want to have the original sound in a good quality we will contact another operator who will take care only of this part. It is important that the request is made in time to be able to organize everything.

Who will be the videographers on my wedding day?

The shooting of the wedding is carried out, according to the availability of the dates, by Virginia Righeschi or other collaborators  who guarantee the same type of shooting and the same quality level.

Do you work only in Tuscany or are you willing to move and transfer to other regions or abroad?

Screenshot production realizes videos especially in Tuscany, covering the area amongFlorence, Siena and Arezzo, but as you can see in our trailers, we are happy to move to other places and available to make transfers abroad for your wedding, charging you, to our video service price, only travel and accommodation costs.

We had a meeting, but we need to think about that before booking the service, can you save the date of our wedding until our decision?

We receive many requests, especially for the summer period and it would be impossible for us to contact all the undecided couples. You can reserve the date only for a week, after that the date will be considered free and will be booked only upon the contract signature.

We want you as videographers at our wedding but we do not have a photographer yet, can you take pictures or recommend someone?

We take care only of video footage during your wedding day, but we will be happy to recommend photographers with whom we often collaborate and who have a style "compatible" with our shots.

Our location is beautiful and we would like to have aerial shots with the drone, is it possible?

We usually make aerial shots, relying on an additional operator. Overviews shooting with the drone have limitations depending on the location and weather conditions; we will be happy to provide you with further information regarding this service via email.


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